In order to deal with overcrowding issues, the school division is currently working on plans for redistricting of a few schools within our division.  In the northern part of the county we are working to redistrict a few elementary schools and at Rodney Thompson Middle School.   In the Falmouth District Conway is filling up fast and we are working to reduce the number of children in the Conway attendance zone.

Redistricting schools is never a fun process.  Parents and kids grow strong attachments to the schools they attend, and having to move schools can be a difficult transition.  While the division and county try to do the best they can to build schools and facilities where they will best serve communities, development trends and other factors make it very hard to not have to redistrict schools from time to time.

At Conway we are approaching capacity and within 4 years the school is projected to be over capacity.   Meanwhile Falmouth Elementary and Grafton Village Elementary have some elbowroom to welcome some Conway Cougars to their halls.


Currently there are committees made up of school administration, principals and parent representatives reviewing maps and proposals to develop the best options for redistricting our schools.   In a few weeks these committees will present their recommendations to the School Board.  We will hold public hearings to hear from you on your thoughts about the redistricting plans.   By the end of February the School Board should take a final vote and adopt a redistricting plan.

You can track the progress committees are making and see plans that have been developed on the SCPS website.   If you follow this link, you can see Meeting Minutes and PowerPoints on the work the redistricting committees are doing.

Below are important dates for the process.  If you have children in the schools that are being redistricted I would recommend you review the plans and if you have concerns make your voice heard.  You can always contact me with your concerns and I would also encourage you to come out to the public hearings and voice your opinion.


  • January 12  School Board Work Session - Redistricting Plans presented - Professional Development Center (31 Stafford Avenue, Stafford, VA 22554)
  • January 14  Public Hearing on Elementary Schools in northern part of county  - North Stafford High School -  7PM
  • January 21 Public Hearing on Rodney Thompson Middle School - Colonial Forge High School - 7PM
  • January 22  Public Hearing on Conway Elementary redistricting - Stafford High School - 7 PM


In the end in the Falmouth District I know we have three of the best elementary schools in the county.  We have three great leaders leading Grafton Village, Conway and Falmouth elementary schools.   All three schools are either relatively new or have just gone through major renovation, ensuring we have great learning facilities.  No matter where our children end up they will thrive as Grizzlies, Cougars or Falcons

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Stafford County Schools Redistricting - Schools in the Falmouth District.
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Stafford County Schools Redistricting - Schools in the Falmouth District.

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