Off and running

Four years ago, I asked the voters of the Falmouth District for their support to represent them on the Stafford County School Board.   I was able to win the election and have served the people of the Falmouth District for the last three and half years on the School Board.

When I campaigned four years ago, I did so with specific goals I wanted to accomplish.  I am delighted to report to you the progress we have made on accomplishing those goals.




1. Set budget priorities to ensure your money is spent on quality teachers and in the classroom

  • Adopted a modern teacher pay scale that has made Stafford County Public Schools #1 in new teacher salary in the region
  • Chaired the School Board Finance and Budget Committee – leading to uncovering of poor budget practices of the past
  • As Chair of the Finance and Budget Committee led development of annual budget priorities which included class size reduction initiative lowering class sizes in all of Stafford’s elementary schools


 2.  Improve Communications from the school division to parents


  • Led efforts to reorganize the SCPS Communications Office and develop an organization communications plan
    • Improved SCPS website
    • Implemented electronic flyer distribution
    • Maintain School Board Member website with blog, Facebook page and Twitter feed to keep community members informed of School Board activities



3. Develop a strategic plan with measurable results


  • Led efforts to rewrite SCPS Strategic Plan
  • Strategic plan has measurable goals that will be reported on an online tool
  • Ensure new initiatives are tied to goals of the strategic plan


While we have had a great deal of success and improved the education environment in Stafford County over the last three years, I am still committed to fully implementing the strategies we have begun

Today I am announcing that I am seeking re-election to the School Board.  I humbly ask Falmouth voters for their support again as I begin my re-election campaign. 

Over the next four years I hope to continue the work we have started and implement more improvements in Stafford County Public Schools.   While we have made progress, in issues that include teacher compensation, there is still work to be done.  This year we have begun work on reorganizing the Department of Learning and Instruction.  I would like to see the transformation of how we deliver education continue to improve.  I will see to it that we continue to make vast improvements and ensure your money is directed to the classroom.

Two years ago, we began a class size reduction initiative.  While the county population is growing so were the sizes of our classroom populations.  Two years ago, we had many elementary school classrooms with 28 to 30 students.  In 2016 we implemented a class size reduction where we set maximum class sizes for our elementary schools.  Now classrooms are limited to 24 students in lower levels and 26 in the 4th and 5th grade in all elementary schools in Stafford County.   While that was a good start, if re-elected I will continue to work to lower the class sizes in elementary schools and do the same for middle and high schools.

The election this year will be held on November 7, 2017.  I hope you will mark it on your calendar now and set a reminder to vote for Scott Hirons for School Board in the Falmouth District.


Learn more about my service on the School Board and my goals for 2017 and beyond here.

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@scotthirons tweeted this page. 2017-05-22 17:22:15 -0400
Election year for the Falmouth District. I will be seeking re-election to the School Board this year.
Scott Hirons, Stafford County School Board - Falmouth District posted about Off and running on Scott Hirons, Stafford County School Board - Falmouth District's Facebook page 2017-05-22 17:21:35 -0400
It's election year in Virginia and the Falmouth district will have the Supervisor and School Board seats on the ballot this year. I will be seeking re-election to the Stafford County School Board. I hope I can earn your vote again this year as we continue to work to improve Stafford County schools.

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