New Superintendent for Stafford County Public Schools

Last week the Stafford County School Board announced the appointment of Dr. W. Bruce Benson as the new Superintendent of Stafford County Public Schools.   Members of the School Board were kind enough to invite myself and Irene Egan, both of us are Members-Elect to the School Board, to sit in on interviews of the final candidates for the position.   The School Board made the right decision in deciding to offer the job to Dr. Benson.

I decided to run for the School Board because I was concerned with the level of waste in the school budget and the lack of good communication between the School Board, Board of Supervisors, parents, teachers, students and taxpayers.   As I observed Dr. Benson during the interview process it was clear he had done his homework and understood the stresses of Stafford County Public Schools.  He spoke about measuring for success of projects, programs and processes within the school system.  When I talk about waste in a budget I don't mean excess positions or wasting printer paper, but how the most value in bureaucracy is typically lost in process.   Dr. Benson gets it, and wants to first evaluate then optimize.   That is exactly what our school system needs right now.

I look forward to working with Dr. Benson in the coming years.  I have a lot of confidence that he will come in and make a big difference in improving our schools.  Dr. Benson also understands the communication problems we have.  He understands the need to effectively tell our story.  I think the Board of Supervisors will find his approach refreshing and will improve the School Board's relationship with the Board of Supervisors.

In three weeks I will take my seat on the dais of the School Board.  I will do so with great hope in that, working with my fellow members of the School Board, the interim Superintendent and Dr. Benson, when he joins us in April, we will make a difference.  We will create a school  system that operates with continuous improvement; one that provides a great learning environment for students; one that treats teachers with the highest regard and respect; one that encourages parent involvement in education; and one that the citizens of Stafford County are proud of. 

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New Superintendent for Stafford County Public Schools

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