Four years ago I asked the voters of the Falmouth District for their vote and they elected me to represent them on the Stafford County School Board.   With the trust of the voters I was able to win the election and have served the Falmouth District for the last 3 1/2 years.

When I campaigned four years ago, I did so with some very specific goals I wanted to accomplish.   I am delighted to report to you the progress we have made on accomplishing many of those goals the effect they have had on the school division.

Financial Priorities

Educating our children is one of the most important things our county does. In order to develop the world-class education system we need to set priorities that meet the needs of students, educators, parents and taxpayers. Scott will work with all of the stakeholders in our education system to ensure we are setting the right priorities and making the right decisions to ensure Stafford County Public Schools continue to grow to be the world-class education system we all desire.

Accomplishments Results
Adopted a Modern Teacher Pay Scale

Teacher Recruitment: Stafford has #1 starting teacher salary in Rappahannock Region

Chair Finance and Budget Committee Budget Transparency: SCPS FY18 budget documents received Award of Merit from National School Public Relations Association. Budget documents received praise for ease of reading and transparency by members of the Board of Supervisors
Developed process for setting annual budget priorities Teacher retention: Through setting budget priorities that focus on teacher compensation improvements and improving overall workplace environment and satisfaction, SCPS has experience a three year trend of fewer teachers leaving our division from year to year.

The Next Four Years: Over the next four years I will continue to lead the School Board in setting budget priorities that are focused on continuing to improve teacher and staff salaries, focuses on spending our tax dollars on the classroom to continue to improve student achievement and focuses on continuing to improve the organization that supports our schools. 

Measure for Success

Success of our schools goes beyond how well our students perform on standardized test. We can only be successful if we are meeting the needs of all the stakeholders in our public education system. Stafford County needs to explore more methods to measure for success. As a program manager with a long record of leadership success Scott understands the needs and ways to measure for success across stakeholder groups.

Accomplishments Results
Adopted a new Strategic Plan

Accountability: With the adoption of the new Strategic Plan the division has a plan for the future and continuous improvement.  All activities and expenditures of the division are tied to goals identified in the Strategic Plan.

Adopted division-wide Staffing Standards Class size reduction: With adoption of a new strategic plan and a focus on improving student achievement new staffing standards were adopted that have resulted in reduced class sizes in k-5 classrooms.  Previously SCPS had an average of over 27 students in a classroom under the new staffing standards class sizes are capped at 24 students in k-3 and 26 students in 4-5.
Adoption of C5W learning cirriculum Student Achievement: C5W is the framework for the learning curriculum throughout the school division.  It focuses on the student and maximizing student learning through educator engagement.  

The Next Four Years: Over the next four years I will continue to lead the School Board in working strategically and following our adopted plan. I will continue to work to reduce class sizes throughout the division including middle and high school core classes. Student achievement will continue to be a focus to ensure all students have the opportunity to a world-class education.


The most important thing a public servant can do is communicate. Scott understands the importance of communicating with those he represents.  Scott will stand committed to having open and honest communication with the citizens of the Falmouth District and Stafford County.

Accomplishments Results
Adopted a division-wide Communications Plan

Improved parent communication: The division implemented standards on messaging to parents using Blackboard Connect to ensure there is consistency throughout the division.   The division also implemented electronic flyer distribution system to enable flyers about school and community activities to be emailed to parents.

Maintained a School Board Member Facebook page and Website Transparency: Scott Hirons has maintained a website with a blog, updating the community on a routine basis throughout his tenure on the School Board.  He has also maintained a Facebook page dedicated to service on the School Board, and keeping the community up to date on activities of the School Board and school division.

The Next Four Years: Over the next four years I will continue to communicate with the community.  Transparency will continue to be a cornerstone of my public service.   My website will continue to be updated and I will continue to update the community through my Facebook page.

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