Cell Phones In School

The School Board was recently presented with proposed changes to the Code of Conduct and policies that govern use of cell Mobile-Phones-Use-in-Class-Room-300x203.jpgphones in our schools.   The proposed changes would allow middle and high school students to use their cell phones when not in the classroom.  This would mean they could use them during lunch, on the bus and in the hallways between classes.  The proposed changes also give administrators greater latitude in punishment for violation of cell phone use policies.

The proposed changes were presented by a committee made up of school administrators.   When presented many teachers expressed concerns about the proposed changes.   They are concerned these changes are going to put a greater burden on them to monitor student activity with cell phones and lead to great discipline problems.    They are also concerned with a reduced penalty for violation students will be more apt to disregard the policies and allow cell phones to be even more of a distraction.

The School Board deferred action on this item at our last meeting and asked staff to bring us more information to include opinions of the teachers.    

I would also like to get the opinions from parents out there.  I have created a short survey and ask that you take the survey and share your opinion with me.   Please go to: http://www.scotthirons.com/cell_phones_in_school and complete this survey to let me know what your thoughts are.


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