Cell Phones In School

Recently the School Board was presented with proposed changes to the Stafford County Public Schools Code of Conduct related to technology and cell phone use in our schools.

Currently cell phones may not be used or displayed anywhere in the school during school hours, except with the permission of staff in furtherance of the instructional program.  Electronic and wireless devices may only be possessed or used by students with permission of the administration.  The current potential penalty for violating cell phone rules is an out of school suspension.

Under the proposed change middle and high school students would be able to use cell phones during lunch and between classes, and school administrators are given more latitude on the severity of punishment.  The minimum punishment for violation of cell phone use policy would be a warning.  Continued violation may result in suspension.

The proposed changes were brought to us by a committee made up of school administrators.   Many teachers have expressed concern that they were not included in the discussion on the proposed changes and are very concerned about relaxing the rules of cell phone use in the schools and lowering the minimum penalties.  The opinions I have heard from the teachers is that relaxing the rules on cell phones puts a greater burden on them to monitor student activities with cell phones, and will lead to great discipline problems. 

When the School Board discussed the matter at our last meeting many of us expressed the concerns that teachers have brought to our attention.  We asked staff to bring us more information and seek the opinions of our teachers.   I also want to hear from parents to make a better and more informed decision. 

I would appreciate your opinion on this important issue.  This is a short survey I am asking you to complete to help me know how our community feels about cell phones in our schools.  Please take a couple of minutes and complete this survey.  

 More information about the proposed changes can be found here. (follow links for May 27 agenda and agenda item 12.02)


And the changes to the Code of Conduct can be found here (Rule 11) here.

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